Pre-Packs - Just in time for the Holidays!!

Pre-Pack Coupon: SAVE $10.00 on the following Pre-Pack of four 1/4 yard pieces. Regular price is $95.80. You pay only $85.80.

Featured Quality and Colors: Quality VIS1 is a Short (6 mm), "Flat", Medium Density Viscose Quality from Helmbold.These are the colors you'll receive. Click on the thumbnails to view the quality and color. No substitutions, please.

VIS1 -100

VIS1 -388S

VIS1 -402S

VIS1 -573S

FINE PRINT: This Pre-Pack coupon is not combinable with any other web coupons or shipping coupon.

More Pre-Packs are available for the Holidays. To purchase click NEW PRE-PACKS

INTERCAL'S COUPON PROMOTION - An inexpensive (FREE) way to try new Fabric Choices - FREE MOHAIR ON ORDERS AS LOW AS $169+.

Use ANY WEB COUPON on a $169+ Order. Receive 1/4 yard of FREE fabric.

Or...use TWO Web Coupons on a $269+ Order. Receive TWO 1/4 yards of FREE fabric.
Same terms as for a $169+ order except that you get to use TWO Web Coupons for a $269+ order.

Or...use THREE Web Coupons on a $369+ Order. Receive THREE 1/4 yards of FREE fabric.
Same terms as for a $169+ order except that you get to use THREE Web Coupons for a $369+ order.

Web Coupons - Important Change: Please use the WEB CATALOG when selecting your fur purchases. Prices are the same except for our Weekly and Monthly Specials, but...those are for full yard cuts only. It is simply much easier for us to fill your order if you use the Web Catalog as everything you select is likely to be in stock. After selecting your fur purchases on the WEB CATALOG, go to WEB COUPONS to select any coupon(s) that may apply to your purchase. Thank you.

TERMS: Starting at 9:00 AM PST, Friday November 20 through 9:00 AM PST, Friday November 27, 2015, you are invited to use ANY Web Coupon for a SINGLE order of $169+. Or...TWO Web Coupons for a SINGLE order of $269+ and THREE Web Coupons for an order of $369 or more. Simply click on the Coupon Corner page (if not already on the page) and select the Web Coupon(s) that appeal to you...ignoring the "Only One Coupon per Order" limitation, if your order qualifies for more than one coupon, and submit them with your order.

FINE PRINT: This offer is for web based orders ONLY. After 9:00 AM PST November 27, 2015 please refer to the Coupon Corner page for current coupon offers. No Coupons will be applied retroactively. Freight, sales tax and any out of stock items must be excluded when determining the value of your order. The Shipping Coupon is not combinable with any Web Coupons.

SUPPLIES: Need Eyes, click on Glass Eyes. Need Discs, Felt, Pearl Cotton, Thread or other supplies click on: Teddy Bear Supplies Use your Back Button to get back to this page.

BARGAIN LIST: Shop the Bargain List or Small Cuts if your order is a little short to qualify for a WEB COUPON or SHIPPING COUPON

Happy Thanksgiving!!We will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Weekend. We'll be back to work on Monday, November 30 ready to fill your Holiday orders...:) The Intercal Team

FABRICS ON ORDER: If you like to work with Viscose, you're in for a treat. We're bringing in five new colors in Viscose...all complimenting each
other in various color combinations. 701S-Melon, 705S-Soft Blue, 717S-Soft Pink, 735S-Mint and 741S-Soft Purple.
Quality 785S/ we're adding several colors including 603S-Dusty Rose, 544S-Cocoa Brown, 581S-Slate Blue and 705S-Soft Blue.

Our exclusive Weavers, Helmbold, is also working on many new qualities which we expect to receive with our early January, 2016 shipment. These qualities are so new that we don't have samples to show you yet. We'll upload photos as they become available. For a partial presentation of what's coming in, click SPECIAL UPDATES

WE SPECIALIZE IN MOHAIR & ALPACA...always have...and always will!! You're welcome to draw on our 25+ year expertise in the business regardless of whether you're a "beginner" or a "pro". Just call Johnna on our toll free number (U.S. and Canada) at 877-910-5400. Questions...?? She'll be happy to guide you through our Web Catalog. Click: WEB CATALOG

Intercal's Weekly Updates

The following pages have been updated:

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Monthly Special: Our Monthly Special for the Month of November features Quality 420S at BARGAIN PRICES. Quality 420S is a Short (4 mm), Dense & Straight Mohair Quality from Helmbold. It is available at $83.95/yard for full yard cuts limited to stock on hand. For details, please click on: Monthly Specials

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Helmbold Special on Quality 380S/C: Quality 380S/C is a popular 1" (25 mm), Medium-Sparse Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly S-Finish from Helmbold. It is featured as this week's Helmbold Special for full yard cuts at an excellent promotional price. All colors in stock are available at $103.95/yard for full yard cuts by clicking on: Helmbold Special

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Weekly Special on Quality 300S/CM: Quality 300S/CM is a versatile 1/2" (12 mm), Ultra-Sparse Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly-Matted Finish from Helmbold. It is featured as this week's Web Special for full yard cuts at an excellent promotional price. All colors in stock are available at $73.95/yard for full yard cuts by clicking on: Weekly Special

List of End Pieces Web Catalog: This list is updated and the selection is huge. Click on: Web Catalog

Bargain ListBargain List: A wonderful page to browse for major savings. Click on: Bargain List NOW UPDATED!

Things to make your life easier: For an extended payment plan click on: Extended Credit

Web Coupons: Check our WEB COUPONS for FREE Fabric and/or Supplies as well as our updated SHIPPING COUPONS. Our Coupons change often so make sure to check back. Save $$$ by simply using the Coupons.

ETSY Updates: Lots of 1/6 yard pieces are available in Intercal's Etsy Shop. Click: 1/6 Yard Pieces. Looking for even smaller pieces of fabric for Paw Pads or Miniature Teddies?? Check out "Small Items...Etc". For domestic customers shipping is only ONE CENT for a second item.

NEW Shipping Coupons for our Canadian, International and Domestic Customers: If you use Intercal's NEW SHIPPING COUPONS we'll pick up the first $20.00 in shipping for International orders, $15.00 for Canadian orders and $10.00 for Domestic long as your order totals $139.00 or more. Thank you for shopping at Intercal. We try harder...!!

Weather in Costa Mesa, California: We'll be in the mid 70ties early in the week. Temps will be dropping later getting down to 60+ on Thanksgiving Day. Have a nice week!

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