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This Week's Featured Fabric

Quality ALP6/ST: This is a 5/8" (14 mm), Dense, Straight, Tipped Alpaca Blend. This is a wonderful NEW quality. A must try for your Furry Creations.

TO PURCHASE 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or full yard cuts, click on: Featured Fabric The photo features Quality ALP6/ST in Color 351ST-Antique Brown w/Dark Brown Tips.

Scan Credit: Photo by Intercal Trading Group. Please keep in mind that different monitors show colors differently.


Use ANY WEB COUPON on a $159+ Order. Receive 1/3 yard of FREE fabric.

BONUS OFFER...use TWO Web Coupons on a $239+ Order. Receive TWO 1/3 yards of FREE fabric.
Same terms as for a $159+ order except that you get to use TWO Web Coupons for a $239+ order.

BONUS OFFER...use THREE Web Coupons on a $299+ Order. Receive THREE 1/3 yards of FREE fabric.
Same terms as for a $159+ order except that you get to use THREE Web Coupons for a $299+ order.

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Same terms as for a $159+ order except that you get to use FOUR Web Coupons for a $369+ order.

Web Coupons - Important Change: Please use the WEB CATALOG when selecting your fur purchases. Prices are the same except for our Weekly and Monthly Specials, but...those are for full yard cuts only. It is simply much easier for us to fill your order if you use the Web Catalog as everything you select is likely to be in stock. After selecting your fur purchases on the WEB CATALOG, go to WEB COUPONS to select any coupon(s) that may apply to your purchase. Thank you.

TERMS: Starting at 9:00 AM PST, Friday May 26 through 9:00 AM PST, Friday June 2, 2017, you are invited to use ANY Web Coupon for a SINGLE order of $159+. Or...TWO Web Coupons for a SINGLE order of $239+, THREE Web Coupons for an order of $299+, FOUR Web Coupons for an order of $369 or more. Simply click on the Coupon Corner page (if not already on the page) and select the Web Coupon(s) that appeal to you...ignoring the "Only One Coupon per Order" limitation, if your order qualifies for more than one coupon, and submit them with your order.

FINE PRINT: This offer is for web based orders ONLY. After 9:00 AM PST June 2, 2017 please refer to the Coupon Corner page for current coupon offers. No Coupons will be applied retroactively. Freight, sales tax and any out of stock items must be excluded when determining the value of your order. The Shipping Coupon is not combinable with any Web Coupons.

SMALL CUTS - UPDATE: Our SMALL CUTS page is updated with many new fabrics. This is a great place to shop if you want to try a 1/6 of a yard of Mohair, Alpaca or Viscose for a new design. Combine your purchase with Web Coupons for EXTRA-SPECIAL Savings in FREE Fabric. Click: Small Cuts

SUPPLIES: Need Eyes, click on Glass Eyes. Need Discs, Felt, Pearl Cotton, Thread or other supplies click on: Teddy Bear Supplies Use your Back Button to get back to this page.

BARGAIN LIST: Shop the Bargain List or Small Cuts if your order is a little short to qualify for a WEB COUPON or SHIPPING COUPON

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Intercal's Weekly Updates

Glass Eye

HOW TO INSTALL DOLL EYES IN A TEDDY BEAR?? Several teddy bear artists have asked us how you install doll eyes in a teddy bear. We're therefore going public with a HELP request. A brief "tutorial" will be MUCH appreciated from anybody in the know!! Our new doll eyes will be arriving shortly and we would like to be in a position to help with information.

Do you love Alpaca?? We do too!! That's why we have decided to expand into Alpaca Products!! Click ALPACA PRODUCTS

We're introducing lots of new products. Our DOLL EYES should be here in June, we have added a NEW section for ALPACA LOVERS, and...better yet, our TEDDY BEAR EYE SELECTION has been greatly expanded.

Helmbold, our German Mohair mill, just informed us that our next order is ready ex mill next week. TONS of new and interesting fabrics will be included. The shipment is supposed to arrive at LAX over the weekend and be delivered to our warehouse mid next week. Stay tuned...!!

Featured Eye Style - #560 Dark Topaz!! Dark Topaz is just one of many colors of glass eye in the #560 series of best selling eyes. It is uniform and doesn't break or crack. The "secret" is the design of the stem....very unique and the best on the market. For sizes in stock click: #560 Dark Topaz

Glass Eye

"EYE" NEWS: The EYE PAGE has been updated. And....Intercal is introducing a new range of high quality DOLL EYES...!! Please help spread the word...much appreciated!!

DID YOU KNOW......that all of Intercal's #500 and #560 Eyes feature this UNIQUE stem design??

For Styles and Sizes click GLASS EYES

Shipping Special: FREE Domestic Standard Shipping for orders of $139.00+. Check Intercal's SHIPPING COUPONS for details. Thank you for shopping at Intercal.

The following pages have been updated:

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Monthly Special on Quality VIS1/SCM: As this Monthly Special we're offering 55% off the Retail Price for full yard cuts. The NET PRICE for Quality VIS1/SCM is $77.35 for full yard cuts. Retail is $171.90/yard. Quality VIS1/SCM is a NEW Short (6 mm), Medium Density Viscose Quality w/our Curly Matted Finish. Click on: Monthly Specials

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Our Helmbold Special features Quality 740S. The NET PRICE for Quality 740S is $113.35 for full yard cuts, which is 55% OFF the Retail Price of $251.90. Quality 740S is a 5/8" (16 mm), Straight, Dense Mohair Quality from Helmbold. Click on: Helmbold Special

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Our WEEKLY SPECIAL features Quality 325S/C. A must try for your Furry Creations. The NET PRICE for Quality 325S/C is $84.55 for full yard cuts, which is 55% OFF the Retail Price of $187.90. Quality 325S/C is a 5/8" (16 mm), Semi-Sparse Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly S-Finish. Click on: Weekly Special

List of End Pieces Web Catalog: This list is updated and the selection is huge. Click on: Web Catalog

Bargain ListBargain List: A wonderful page to browse for major savings. Click on: Bargain List NOW UPDATED!

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