Quality 640B-Color 105B w/Black Cotton Back

This is a Snapshot of one of the new Black Cotton Back fabrics. The Snapshot you see is of Quality 640B; a 1/2+" dense, straight mohair pile with a Black Cotton Back. It is the same quality as Quality 640, which many of our customers are already familiar with...except that we are using Black Cotton for the back (see snout).

'Molly' is a creation by Susan Shells of Ebber So Lovely Bears. You can contact the artist by e-mailing her at

Please keep in mind that different monitors show colors differently. This Snapshot is only provided as guidance.

The above color or quality has been discontinued or is out of stock. The image has been left up for your enjoyment or inspiration.

To see all our qualities and colors presently in stock please check END PIECES. This is our most updated list.

When checking END PIECES, please use the Thumbnails as quality references. The blue links are color references.


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