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Shopping Cart Message

Shopping Cart Problem....??

It has come to our attention that a few customers have experienced a problem with our shopping cart after our internet provider switched us to a new server.

The problem...if you have one, is easy to fix. Simply delete the Intercal Cookies in your browser.

This should take care of the problem. Basically, the "old" Intercal Cookies need to be deleted and replaced by "new" Intercal Cookies.

You have been directed to this Help Page for one of two reasons:

1. You have not put anything into the shopping cart
2. Your browser is not accepting cookies

As far as the first reason is concerned, you may be asking to "View Your Cart" without having placed anything in it. Simply return to the Web Catalog or any of our other shopping pages and place items in the Shopping Cart by using the BUY buttons. This action will "initialize" your Shopping Cart so that you can view it.

If the missing items are not the reason, you have been directed to this page because your browser did not accept our "cookie". A cookie is needed to run the Shopping Cart and your browser settings may be configured to refuse cookies or you may have manually refused to accept the cookie when prompted to accept or decline it. Alternatively, your browser may have lost the cookie's reference to your order, but that is quite rare.

In order to use the Web Catalog or the other shopping pages, it is necessary for your browser to accept the cookie. The cookie is a harmless reference number that corresponds to your order number. The number is meaningless and it contains no information about you, your internet activities, e-mail....or anything else. The number has meaning only to the shopping cart system and only while you are shopping at Intercal's web site.

Please check your browser setting to ascertain it will accept cookies. Access these settings in Internet Explorer through Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level/Cookies: Enable.

If you continue to experience problems, please email us at or call us toll free (U.S. only) at: 877-910-5400.

The shopping cart is in daily use and has successfully accepted many, many orders. Thank you for your help.

Intercal Trading Group
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