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In Teddy Bear Artistry??

Additional comments/suggestions
are much appreciated

From Tracy Meier May 13, 2017. Thank You, Tracy.

Yes, that's fine to share the information. I have shared it myself with artists who have asked me for help. Other artists who use doll eyes may have better or different methods, but this is what I figured out for myself years ago and it works for me. Some may be very nervous about cutting into their bear's heads though....once you do, it's permanent! I did check out the eyes link. Hand Glass eyes are so gorgeous. Wonderful to have another source here in the United States for these as I love using them in very special bears.


Posted by Intercal:

Our new doll eyes are absolutely top of the line, and...that is reflected in the price.
In your judgement, will this issue become a hindrance for these eyes being used in teddy bear artistry?? We are aware that there are cheaper doll eyes on the market, Intercal we like to go for the best be it Glass Eyes, Mohair, Alpaca or Viscose!!!

From Joanne Livingston May 12, 2017. Thank You, Joanne.

I think needle felting will be the easiest way to go to cover most of the eye white. I do believe though that the fabric will need to be cut and the eyes inserted and held with glue. They will be to out too far otherwise. I would use an awl to open the fabric as much as can be opened, and then if they need to be inserted farther, cut a small x. I would add glue to the back of the eye not the fabric before inserting. You would not want too much glue on the fabric, it would make it hard and difficult to needle felt into. If the glue is added to the eye and then pushed into the opening in the fabric, it will be pushed onto the fabric right around the eye as the eye is being pushed in, and that should be plenty to hold it tight. I am enclosing pictures, they are in a zip file. They are not super clear but you are welcome to use them. They are needle felted eyelids done on bear eyes, but it would be the same procedure. I did add some text to them, hopefully it will be sent with the photos. I hope this new venture does well for you. Doll eyes are so popular now with all the realistic animals being made now.


From Tracy Meier May 12, 2017. Thank You, Tracy.

I use doll eyes on nearly all of my bears. Installing them requires making an eye socket, which if they are full round eyes with a stem means going into the bear's head with them. After needle sculpting for an initial shape for an eye socket, I actually cut a round opening where the eyes will go that is a bit smaller around than the eye as the opening will stretch (important to fray check the area well and let dry before cutting the fabric). I then form the socket in the polyfill within the opening (have to poke and prod and rearrange the polyfill until the eyes fit correctly). I use E6000 glue to hold the eyes in position, and then further secure them with eyelids. I make a variety of different eyelids: sculpted from epoxy clay, needle felted, or stitched on Ultrasuede or leather. The sewn on eyelids are also glued underneath to further seal around the eyes as I don't want anything coming loose. Hope all this helps! I attached a few pictures of my bears for you as well ??
Glass Eye

Glass Eye
Glass Eye

Posted on Weekly Updates May 12, 2017
Glass Eye

HOW TO INSTALL DOLL EYES IN A TEDDY BEAR?? Several teddy bear artists have asked us how you install doll eyes in a teddy bear. We're therefore going public with a HELP request. A brief "tutorial" will be MUCH appreciated from anybody in the know!! Our new doll eyes will be arriving shortly and we would like to be in a position to help with information.

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