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T-Shirt - Alpaca Watching
Solid Weave Brushed Alpaca Scarf
Alpaca Beanie Hat - Slouch Fit
Alpaca Knit Lined Leather Gloves
Alpaca Qtr Hiker Socks
Alpaca Work/Play Gloves
Alpaca Hat - Kingsley

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T-shirt: Alpaca Watching

They look at you too! Alpacas are as curious about us as we are about them. With this shirt you can share alpaca curiosity and fun everywhere you go. Sure to get looks, smiles and start conversations wherever you are.

High quality 100% cotton shirt imported from Honduras. Final product professionally printed at a local USA shop. Image is almost 20" tall. Materials: Well-made medium weight 100% Cotton. Pre-shrunk.

T-Shirt Color: CoffeeBrown
Alpaca Image Color: Latte (light coffee)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL - Price $23.95 - NOW $5.95 = 75% OFF

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Solid Weave Brushed Alpaca Scarf

The Solid Weave Brushed alpaca scarf offers a soothingly warm brushed baby alpaca surface in a classic alpaca scarf style which works with nearly any outfit!

The brushed 100% baby alpaca gives a luxury feel to this item that is incredible!

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca

Size: 71 in. length x 12 in. width. Care : Dry Clean or Hand Wash.

Price: $48.95 - NOW $12.20 = 75% OFF

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Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat - Slouch Fit

We are pleased to offer this uniquely designed extreme weather 100% Baby Alpaca extreme weather hat. It's a lot of hat!

Designed for extreme cold weather, the Iditarod Beanie Hat features a doubly thick tightly knit layer of 100% baby alpaca and an extra layer of solid fleece comfort lining.

Classically fashionable and ultimately practical, the Iditarod beanie hat will keep your outdoorsman warm and focused for the challenges of outdoor hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, etc. and of course dog sledding!

Naturally flexible, the knit alpaca Iditarod beanie hat will fit most men and women.

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca; Black fleece lining. Care: Hand wash in room temp water with baby shampoo. Air dry.

Price: $39.95 - NOW $9.95 = 75% OFF

Color: Beige ONLY 1 LEFT
Color: Camel Brown ONLY 2 LEFT
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Alpaca Knit Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves -

These work and driving gloves are made with USA grown alpaca fleece warmth lining!
Feel the warmth of alpaca whenever you work, drive or play in these unique gloves!

These knit American make alpaca gloves are sewn into a new soft supple leather glove by artisans in Pakistan. Pakistan is world renowned for leather products. Materials: Soft Cowhide leather outer, USA raised and made alpaca inner knit glove.

Small = fits most Women
Large = fits some Men

Price: $64.95 - NOW $16.20 = 75% OFF

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AFCNA America’s Alpaca Qtr Hiker Socks

Features a popular ankle height look and comfortable fit. Naturally colored from alpaca, these socks feature natural coloring and a soft terry lower construction to comfort, warm and cushion the foot.

These socks wash and dry easily in normal laundry or can be extra cared for with a hand wash and air dry.
Materials: 54% Alpaca, 37% Nylon, 6% Acrylic, 3% Elastic.

Price: $21.95 - NOW $5.45 = 75% OFF

Medium = fits most Women
Large = fits most Men

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Alpaca Work/Play Gloves

These Made in the USA Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Gloves are a very successful alpaca item. Made of soft alpaca fiber which has hollow-core insulation factor; everyone who works outdoors will LOVE these products! Natural colors, undyed. They have a particularly strong following among hunters, fishermen and farmers of all types. TIP! Some have reported wearing them as a liner INSIDE another glove for an extreme warmth combination, smart! Functional yes! But they're also quite attractive in soft subtle color shades. They look, feel and work great!

Colors: Charcoal Grey, "Carhart" Brown and Light Camel/Fawn.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large. May run a little small... just a little..!! "Most" women would wear the Small. "Most" men would wear the Large. Materials: 80% American grown alpaca, 20% nylon support. Care: Hand wash in room temp water with gentle laundry soap (or better yet, mild hair shampoo) and air dry for longest life.

Price $29.95 - NOW $7.45 = 75% OFF

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Adventure Required - Kingsley Alpaca Hat

All hats are hand knit in the mountains of Peru by Quechua artisans who are paid a true living wage which provides for their families, creating opportunities for education, savings and a more secure future.

Only the best alpaca from humanely treated animals is used to craft these hats. Each one is made from 100% baby alpaca wool. From the farms that produce the alpaca fibers to the hands that knit each hat, each person and animal is treated with the utmost respect.

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca. Care: Hand wash in baby shampoo in luke warm water, hang to dry. USA designed, Made in Peru.

Price: $38.95 - NOW $9.70 = 75% OFF

One Size (fits most), Wear folded for snug or unfolded for slouch style.

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