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This Week's Featured Fabric

Quality 325S/C: This is a 5/8" (16 mm), Semi-Sparse Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly S-Finish from Helmbold. A Great NEW fabric for a Great Price...Try it!!

TO PURCHASE 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or full yard cuts, click on: Featured Fabric The photo features Quality 325S/C in Color 167S-Redhead. NOTE: MANY NEW COLORS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE 325-SERIES OF FABRICS....325S/C, 325S/CM and 325VIS/SC. THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!!

Scan Credit: Photo by Intercal Trading Group. Please keep in mind that different monitors show colors differently.


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Web Coupons - Important Change: Please use the WEB CATALOG when selecting your fur purchases. Prices are the same except for our Weekly and Monthly Specials, but...those are for full yard cuts only. It is simply much easier for us to fill your order if you use the Web Catalog as everything you select is likely to be in stock. After selecting your fur purchases on the WEB CATALOG, go to WEB COUPONS to select any coupon(s) that may apply to your purchase. Thank you.

TERMS: Starting at 9:00 AM PST, Friday May 25 through 9:00 AM PST, Friday June 1, 2018, you are invited to use ANY Web Coupon for a SINGLE order of $179+. Use TWO on a $239+ order or...THREE Web Coupons for a SINGLE order of $289+. FOUR on a $339+ order and FIVE Web Coupons for an order of $399 or more. Simply click on the Coupon Corner page (if not already on the page) and select the Web Coupon(s) that appeal to you...ignoring the "Only One Coupon per Order" limitation, if your order qualifies for more than one coupon, and submit them with your order.

FINE PRINT: This offer is for web based orders ONLY. After 9:00 AM PST June 1, 2018 please refer to the Coupon Corner page for current coupon offers. No Coupons will be applied retroactively. Freight, sales tax and any out of stock items must be excluded when determining the value of your order. The Shipping Coupon is not combinable with any Web Coupons.

Shipping Coupons for our Canadian, International and Domestic Customers: If you use Intercal's SHIPPING COUPONS we'll pick up the first $20.00 in shipping for International orders, $15.00 for Canadian orders and $10.00 for Domestic long as your order totals $139.00 or more. Thank you for shopping at Intercal. We try harder...!!

SHIPPING SMALL ORDERS - like Eyes and a single 1/6 of a yard, your shipping charge will be adjusted when we process your order. Shipping overages will be refunded.

GREAT BARGAINS: 75% OFF on remaining ALPACA scarves, hats, socks, gloves and t-shirts. First come - first serve!! Click ALPACA ACCESSORIES

It will soon be June and the weather forecast for next week looks like typical "June Gloom" weather. Overcast with chances of sprinkles with temps in the high 60ties/low 70ties. You may not need your suntan lotion just yet!! Hope you have a great week and a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS SAFE WITH INTERCAL: We only store your name, address, phone number and email address That's it..!! No Credit Card numbers or the like are on file. It is more work for us to do things this way, but....better safe than sorry!! Want more info?? Click HERE

Intercal's Weekly Updates!

INTERCAL's OFFICE HOURS!! Intercal's office will be closed on Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 for a major VIP event. Johnna's daughter, Tia, is getting married!!

We will be back to work on Monday, June 4. Please place your orders early as we won't be shipping anything on the above dates. Thank you.

NEW ORDER: Our German mill is working on a new order for us. It will include two colors in the ALP4/S (Alpaca) Quality....namely color 100-White and 402S-Stone. This Alpaca Quality normally sells out pretty fast so....if interested, you may want to drop us a note to reserve some yardage.

Other new items include two colors in Quality 710H (Heirloom Finish) namely color 5918D-Antique Pink w/Dark Back and 322SD-Buckwheat w/Dark Back. That should be a couple of interesting combinations never seen before. Per many requests from customers, we're also trying VIS1/SCM in Color 913S-Pewter....great for Elephants. For those of you who prefer the longer lengths we're re-ordering the 2+" (52 mm) pile, Quality 690S/C in 100-White.
We're totally in love with the NEW Quality 325VIS/SC. We are adding Color TT459S-Two-Toned Blue/Brown.

This is just a small sampling of what's on order. We're hoping for a Mid June delivery...keep your fingers crossed!!!

GLASS EYES: A large shipment of GLASS EYES is enroute from Europe. All sizes will be back in stock very shortly.

How to Choose Fur For Teddy Bears: Curious Mondo visits a company that sells eco-friendly fur for teddy bears and stuffed animals. Johnna at Intercal shares details about the market and the right type of fur for your furry friends. Click: How to Choose Fur Use your backbutton to get back to Intercal.

FABRIC SPECIALS - TIME TO SHOP!! Receive 55% OFF RETAIL on selected Fabrics. Use WEB COUPONS for further Savings:

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Monthly Special on Quality 380V. As this Monthly Special we're offering 55% off the Retail Price for full yard cuts. The NET PRICE for Quality 380V is $103.45 for full yard cuts. Retail is $229.90/yard. Quality 380V is a wonderful, 1" (25 mm), Medium Density Mohair Quality with our exclusive Vintage Finish from Helmbold. Click on: Monthly Specials

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Our WEEKLY SPECIAL features Quality 785S/C. A popular choice for your Furry Creations. The NET PRICE for Quality 785S/C is $106.15 for full yard cuts, which is 55% OFF the Retail Price. Quality 785S/C is a 3/4" (20 mm), Medium Density Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly S-Finish from Helmbold. Click on: 785S/C NOTE: SEVERAL NEW COLORS NOW IN STOCK.

BEST WHOLESALE PRICE - Our Helmbold Special features Quality 300S/CM. The NET PRICE is $78.25 for full yard cuts, which is 55% OFF the Retail Price. Quality 300S/CM is a 1/2" (12 mm), Ultra-Sparse Mohair Quality with our exclusive Curly-Matted Finish from Helmbold. Click on: 300S/CM NOTE: SEVERAL NEW COLORS NOW IN STOCK.

Featured Eye Style - #560 Medium Topaz!! Color Medium Topaz just one of many colors of glass eye in the #560 series of best selling eyes. It is uniform and doesn't break or crack. The "secret" is the design of the stem....very unique and the best on the market. For sizes in stock click: #560 Medium Topaz

DID YOU KNOW......that all of Intercal's #500 and #560 Eyes feature this UNIQUE stem design??

For Styles and Sizes click GLASS EYES

Glass Eye

Premium DOLL Eyes: Intercal features a great selection of Premium Glass doll eyes...the best of the best and the finest of the finest. To view click DOLL EYES
NOTE: The WEB COUPONS now feature a $15.00 OFF Coupon for Doll Eyes...any color and size are included. A minimum purchase is required.

Doll Artists on
TONYA of IsabellaRoseDream's Profile: Craft is my hobby which is fun and pure joy. All my items created with so much love in my heart so you will feel it too. My moto is "Do it excellent or don't do it at all"…this is how my beloved Mother tought me…It is simply from my heart to yours!!

Tonya has used Intercal's Quality VIS1 in color 735S-Mint for her creation.

Doll Artists: Feel free to submit your photos if your creations are partly made with Intercal fabrics or doll eyes.

Shipping Special: FREE Domestic Standard Shipping for orders of $139.00+. Check Intercal's SHIPPING COUPONS for details. Thank you for shopping at Intercal.

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HOURS: We are in a warehouse location. Our hours are from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM PST Monday through Friday...longer if we're busy. We're closed on Saturdays, Sundays and on major holidays. We may also be closed for Special Events. Announcements about Special Events, if any, can be found on this page.

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